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"Erika Bruder transformed our 1950s bathroom into a classic, elegant bathroom. We sat down with Erika and she easily grasped what we were hoping to achieve when we finally decided to update our master bathroom and guest bathroom. She listened and understood our needs and budget. Erika's style is timeless. She is very knowledgeable and her suggestions were very practical. She showed us various types of tasteful tiles, durable yet elegant flooring, affordable yet polished light fixtures, clean-look bathroom vanities, mirrors, frames, shower and sink materials, as well as comfortable tubs we can indulge ourselves in. Her suggestion of getting quality materials made sense. The color combination and style that she presented were exactly what we had envisioned but did not know how to accomplish. She showed us sketches of the final plan and that gave us the confidence to see what the overall renovation would look like. Erika's professionalism and punctuality made our experience painless. The renovation was done on time. The workmen were respectful of our home. Getting the shower doors and tub in a tight space can be tricky but the workers made it effortless. Trust was an important aspect in this experience, and Erika's team earned that during the process. We highly recommend Erika Bruder Interior Design. We love and enjoy our two beautiful bathrooms. We get positive, heart-warming compliments from our visiting families and friends. Thank you very much Erika for a fantastic job!"

- J. Manaloto, Pasadena CA

"From the beginning, what impressed me about Erika was that I always felt comfortable, that she listened to my desires, and then incorporated her design suggestions, but she always kept me as the homeowner in mind. She was always thinking about me and how I would be living in my home. That was very important to me, and I have had previous experiences with other professionals who didn't listen as well as Erika. She was also right on-target with my budget. I'd highly recommend her to anyone!"

-I. Drake, Los Angeles CA
"I highly recommend Erika. She was very genuine and doesn't force you on what you should think, but instead offered suggestions on what will look best depending on our likes and style. She helped us through the entire process on choosing the right solutions for us and I would happily recommend her to anyone who asks."

-C. Ramasamy, Arcadia CA

"I wanted to do some updating and remodeling but wasn't sure where to start. I was referred to Erika and her design services. I was apprehensive about using a designer, being this was my first experience. All my concerns were thrown out the window after my first meeting with Erika. She listens and understands her clients goals and explains every aspect of the design process. I loved the experience so much I have continued to use Erika's services on more projects. I recommend EB Interior Design to everyone I know! Thanks Erika!
- B. Linzner, Los Angeles CA
"I had a number of ideas about how I wanted our new kitchen to look but no clear picture, very little confidence, and no idea how to achieve what I had in mind. The complicated issue of proper lighting loomed large and my contractor was of little help. Finding Erika Bruder was a stroke of good fortune! With her friendly, encouraging and non-threatening manner, Erika helped me to do what I couldn't do alone--create a beautiful, functional kitchen that I love. A design that uses the newest lighting options to give me what I think is perfect task and accent illumination. By finding for me unique accent tiles and by leading me to select the right paint of color Erika made sure that my neutral color scheme had life. It meant so much to me to have Erika as my ally throughout the whole kitchen remodeling process as well as my creative mentor. I'm very grateful!"

-R.Stitfer, Glendale CA

"We enjoyed working with Erika so much! We had never tackled a remodeling project and really didn't know how to go about it or what to expect. Erika led us through the whole project. She told us what would be happening, what our choices were, and what to expect. She brought us samples of tiles, fabrics, light fixtures, etc. It was so easy and Erika has such a good eye. We loved everything she showed us and we are thrilled with the way the room turned out. We will definitely be ready to start another project soon, with Erika leading the way!"

- K. Ramirez, San Marino CA
"I am with a distribution company, Ferguson, and part of the same industry. I have collaborated with this EBID on several projects and I have been impressed with how easy-going, professional and absolutely gorgeous Erika's projects are in its finished state. I would recommend her to a client who is seeking great service, professional advice and creative design ideas."

-Hilda, Pasadena CA

"Erika is extremely easy to work with and get along with. She gets to know you as a client throughout the design process, and she's very good at incorporating your personality and what you like into the whole design. In my experience working with her, she took the time to discover what I was about, she got my style, and talked me through the entire process, providing terrific recommendations. It was really nice working with her, and we ended up going with a style for my space that I’d never have done for myself, and I just love it. She’s also very responsive, conscientious of working within our budget, even-keeled, great people skills. At some point in the process, we had some problems with our contractor, who was recommended to us by a relative, and she was able to manage through that seamlessly, immediately using her contacts to provide us with another. I highly recommend Erika!"

-J. Lang, Glendora, CA

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